Monday, 29 January 2018

Never Give Up on Your Dreams!


You come back home stressed everyday, not satisfied with your job, often disheartened by the amount you earn, depression every moment but you keep holding on just for you to pay bills and to remain relevant to your family and to the society.

You keep wondering why all this is happening to you?

The answer is “You have turned down your dreams”,you have choose to live out of your dream,  you are now living a life of Nursery, Primary, Secondary, University, NYSC, Marry, Work, Raise Children, Retire, Pension, then die.

What do we call this type of life?
What about your destiny?, What happened to your dreams?
What about your teenage years ambition?
Were you able to contribute to humanity
Were you able to impart something significant in their lives?
Where did you fail, When did you lose it all?
I'll tell you.

The one and only reason why you have failed to live by your dreams is due to your loss of conviction. What is conviction? Conviction is that strong and unshakable belief that strongly regulate and govern your decisions so much that you are ready to die for it.
Conviction is that burning desire in you that eventually lead you to your dream destination. If you are still after a life aimed at making money and survival only, without you being satisfied or impressed with what you do to earn a living, and knowing fully well that you are not doing what you are designed to do in life.

Below are some of the reasons why you have lost your conviction in life and given up on your dreams.

1. Meditation: It is a powerful force that converts imaginations to realities. It is a devotional exercise that has to do with thinking. The power of your dreams decreases when you stop meditating on them. It has the power to influence your dreams positively, it helps you discover the people and resources needed to actualise your dreams.

2. Exposure: You are bound to lose your dreams when you stop exposing yourself to people, places, occasions, and things that should keep it alive. What you see everyday determines what you think and the type of people you mingle with in the society also determine how far you'll go with your dreams. Exposing yourself to people of like with you, will boost your level of meditation and this is what will help you in achieving your dreams.

3. Priority: When you give little or less priority to your dreams and other activities take priority over it,  you'll eventually forget your real motive for wanting that dream. For example, when you choose to spend more of your time with friends and you hardly have your lover around, at a point in time you'll start wondering why he or she is so special and the reason why you are so in love with him. Your dream dies when you let other activities take priority over it.

4. Association: A big reason why you may lose your dream is when you with similar dream. You must observe carefully and go out with people with similar dream with you. We look alike, he's my relative, she's my classmate does not lead to sharing the same dream. As a sheep if you walk in company of dogs, eating shit will not be a bad thing to you.
Associate yourself with people of similar dreams, stop following those who has nothing to offer you.
5. Time: Time is the only valuable resource God has given us which can be exchanged for anything we want in life. Nurse your dreams with your time, make sure it's included in your daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

6. Lack of Mentor: A mentor is someone who is there to inspire, motivate and encourage you to keep pressing on your dreams. If there is no coach or mentor to spur you on, you may soon become discouraged because of your dream challenges, and you might give give up because of this.

My dear friend, these six factors may be responsible for your loss of article of faith, conviction and your less glowing and fulfilling life.

It's not too late, there is hope, decide today to free yourself from suppression and everyday depression through deliberate resurrection of that dream.
Think of any of the factors that is killing your dream and reverse them, and i bet you, sooner than you think your dream will come back to life and you'll be free like never before.

Written by: Comr. Ayenomuro Alaba .O Alex

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